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I don’t want to go church anymore!

Recently I was asked for my advice from a student about a waning interest and want to as far as church attendance goes. I want to honor the young person who wrote to me, so I won’t share names. But … Continue reading

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Mark 4

Mark 4 opens with powerful words from Jesus. He is portrayed as a powerful doer/healer in the opening pages of Mark – proclaiming the arrival of the Kingdom of God and now in chapter 4 especially Mark introduces us to … Continue reading

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John 20: The garden, gardener, and new creation

The passion narrative in John’s Gospel begins and ends in a garden. I don’t think this an accident. In the Gospel of John, John has been intentional in demonstrating how Jesus fulfills/super-cedes Jewish religion (Jesus is presented as the best now … Continue reading

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Genesis 1-2: some thoughts to guide our thinking

Our congregation has begun an undertaking to read  the book of Genesis together as families. My daughters are pumped about this time each night. They grasp more of the story than I realize. I written a little in my last … Continue reading

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Short primer on the Holy Spirit

I have been doing a lot of thinking, reading as of late about the Holy Spirit. I am convinced that Francis Chan is right on, that the Holy Spirit is the Forgotten God. What if we regained  a deeper sense … Continue reading

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2 Kings 5: Some lessons from a leper, and a crook

Tonight with my youth group I want to explore 2 Kings 5 with my youth group (the one’s that didn’t go to Houston anyway). I like for our kids to discover truth on their own, instead of always pointing it … Continue reading

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God is still moving

The Synoptics share several of the key theological themes, and certainly the portrayal of Jesus as the Lord of heaven and earth come in human flesh to restore the brokenness that has come as a result of the Fall in … Continue reading

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