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Observations from Mark 3

Mark 3 observations: 3:1-6 — Jesus is engaged in a struggle with the Pharisees that will be ongoing, they were forever scrutinizing Jesus. Jesus’ ministry didn’t fit their preconceived ideas of what ministry should look like. The Pharisees were focused on … Continue reading

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Some troubling questions from Mark 2:13-17

This passage troubles me as a minister, and as a Christian. Let me tell you why. I love that Jesus invites Levi, the tax collector to follow him. I love that the next scene involves Jesus dining with Levi, the … Continue reading

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I got told no…

I was invited to a speaking gig locally this week at a Christmas play, but when the powers that be found out I wasn’t a part of “their religious tribe,” my invitation was declined. I understand their concern to protect … Continue reading

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My last Chisholm Trail Sermon outline

I am preaching Sunday for the last time here at Chisholm Trail before I head across country to begin my new ministry work with the Northeast church family. We have just started a new series of classes and sermons on … Continue reading

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Ex-cons, bicycles and the church

I was reminded of something powerful today. What? Actually several “somethings.” This afternoon a man walked into our church building here in Oklahoma and began asking for help and sharing his story. Our church receptionists are the usually the first … Continue reading

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John 20: The garden, gardener, and new creation

The passion narrative in John’s Gospel begins and ends in a garden. I don’t think this an accident. In the Gospel of John, John has been intentional in demonstrating how Jesus fulfills/super-cedes Jewish religion (Jesus is presented as the best now … Continue reading

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Genesis 1-2: some thoughts to guide our thinking

Our congregation has begun an undertaking to read  the book of Genesis together as families. My daughters are pumped about this time each night. They grasp more of the story than I realize. I written a little in my last … Continue reading

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