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Worth the cost…

Jennifer, and the girls and I have  trekked across country to attend one of our favorite church leader conferences, The Tulsa Workshop. The Tulsa Workshop has been for us like a big family reunion, a time of renewal, and a … Continue reading

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Duct tape and Mullets

What does the church look like? For some it looks like stained glassed windows and stiff wooden pews. For others the church looks like a museum of the self righteous. But there’s another picture I’m learning to enjoy more and … Continue reading

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51 degrees, Polar Vortex, and the church

51 degrees sounds pretty good right now, doesn’t it? The other night, you remember, the night when it got down to the coldest temperatures in 20 years due to the attack of the Polar Vortex, 51 degrees would have been … Continue reading

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I don’t want to go church anymore!

Recently I was asked for my advice from a student about a waning interest and want to as far as church attendance goes. I want to honor the young person who wrote to me, so I won’t share names. But … Continue reading

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John 8 and the church

I love this story. It moves me and disturbs me at the same time. A woman caught in adultery is brought to Jesus. The Law demands that the culprits be stoned. Roman law prohibited capital punishment. Jesus asks a question to … Continue reading

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Youth Ministry transition: new place goals…

I have been in youth ministry for 9 years. I have loved working with students and parents and pointing them to Jesus. Nine years is a long time to learn, observe, try new stuff, fail, recast vision. So, it has … Continue reading

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My last Chisholm Trail Sermon outline

I am preaching Sunday for the last time here at Chisholm Trail before I head across country to begin my new ministry work with the Northeast church family. We have just started a new series of classes and sermons on … Continue reading

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Ex-cons, bicycles and the church

I was reminded of something powerful today. What? Actually several “somethings.” This afternoon a man walked into our church building here in Oklahoma and began asking for help and sharing his story. Our church receptionists are the usually the first … Continue reading

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An idea for an upcoming sermon outline/series

As the Youth and Family Minister I get the opportunity to preach as needed, and am part of a preaching rotation team at our congregation’s care ministries facility. I am looking at potentially preaching April Fool’s Day, here is my working outline. … Continue reading

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Daily reading: Read Genesis chapter 41

Food for Thought: A Nightmare that fulfills an earlier dream… Have you ever had a nightmare? You know the kind where you wake up and are just troubled? If so, you are in good company. Pharaoh was large and in … Continue reading

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