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Ingratitude, lepers, and Luke 17

It isn’t a big story. Luke 17:11-19 is one of those stories, if your not careful, you can sort of gloss right over. But, there are some important details I haven’t always paid attention too. As the text opens, Jesus … Continue reading

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Duct tape and Mullets

What does the church look like? For some it looks like stained glassed windows and stiff wooden pews. For others the church looks like a museum of the self righteous. But there’s another picture I’m learning to enjoy more and … Continue reading

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Musings from The Story chapter 17

Captivity. It isn’t a word that sounds like it would be fun to experience. Israel and Judah both are now the victims of captivity. They were uprooted from their homes, and transplanted to a foreign land in a foreign culture. … Continue reading

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