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Thoughts on Rev. 2-3, and 4

I believe that John chose to address his letters to these specific churches because he was familiar with these churches. He was their brother, and fellow companion in their shared sufferings (Rev. 1:9). He knew them and they knew him. … Continue reading

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Revelation 1:4-8

This is my manuscript for my preaching class this week in Lubbock, for sermon # 1. It has been a good week, and getting to share our work with this morning with our peers was fun. “What’s In A Name?” … Continue reading

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post NCYM reflections # 3

One of the great joys this year was getting to bring one of my college kids to the conference.  He has expressed an interest in going into ministry. I am blessed to have been his youth minister, and for him … Continue reading

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post ncym reflections 2

Been a bit swamped with some graduate school reading: John J. Collins, The Apocalyptic Imagination; The Pratice of Preaching, Paul Scott Wilson; The Theology of the Book of Revelation, Richard Bauckham; The Philosophy of Existentialism, Gabriel Marcel; The Revot of … Continue reading

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post ncym reflections # 1

We left early today, and now hanging in out in New mexicoo wathinvg the national championship game. What a week! Lots of good speakers, and time well spent hanging out and visiting with friends in the trenches of youth ministry … Continue reading

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my dashboard

I was looking at my stats of the visitors to this blog, it looks a lot like our stock market… up one day, and down the next!

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For youth workers

ym facts Fact: This article is made up of short sentences. Fact: Volunteers are the key to this whole thing.Fact: Time management probably isn’t your …

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Jn. 18-19: reflections

This week in many respects is the culmination of all that we’ve been reading thus far. We have read of Jesus pre-existence as the Word that was with God in the beginning take on flesh (Jn. 1:1,14). We have read … Continue reading

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angry driver

Road rage is not something I have seen or been a participant in for a while, until this morning. I was passing a parked semi truck on the side of the road, following a minivan around him, when an on … Continue reading

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Behold the man

I will be writing more later about John 18-19, but initally I am blown away at how carefully the author of the Fourth Gospel presents Jesus as the King and how the author uses irony all through his narrative to … Continue reading

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