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Reflection on the Gospels…

I think now, more than ever we need to be people who are shaped by the story of the Gospels. In our world of scandal, Supreme Court Rulings, Political Correctness, terrorism, global disaster, the Gospels are a breath of fresh … Continue reading

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May the 4th be with you…

  May the 4th be with you… Maybe you’ve heard this expression today, or seen it on the Facebook? It’s teasingly called Star Wars Day by enthusiasts. It’s a play on the phrase, “May be the force with you,” spoken … Continue reading

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Some thoughts from Acts 5

The early church was launched into the world with the news of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Jesus had defeated death and promised that those who belong to Him would also live with him forever. In other words, … Continue reading

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Mark 1:14-19 — An invitation like no other

 Mark 1:14-19 What would prompt a group of fishermen to leave their careers behind and follow Jesus? Or for that matter, think about any of the folks mentioned in the Gospels who encountered Jesus and were invited to join in … Continue reading

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Communion Reflections from 10.25.15

I was blessed the the other day to lead the communion time. The 25th of October was also a special day for me, for I celebrated my 17th birthday as a follower of Jesus. (1 Cor 11:23-26) Sometimes these words … Continue reading

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Ingratitude, lepers, and Luke 17

It isn’t a big story. Luke 17:11-19 is one of those stories, if your not careful, you can sort of gloss right over. But, there are some important details I haven’t always paid attention too. As the text opens, Jesus … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on giving thanks…

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his faithful love endures forever” (Psalm 118:1 HCSB) Giving thanks is a common theme throughout Scripture. God’s people everywhere are giving thanks for his work on their behalf, and when they … Continue reading

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Children, Luke’s Gospel, and the names of Jesus

As a parent there are some moments when you think, “wow, I am doing ok, my kids may not need counseling after all.” Just the other day, my middle daughter Kenzie, wanted to show me something that she had been … Continue reading

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Emmaus, Jesus and the table

There’s a scene right at the end of the Gospel of Luke (in Luke 24:13-35)that I think is similar to where we find ourselves today. These two disciples are walking together towards Emmaus and as they walked they were talking about all … Continue reading

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Sunday is coming…

Ever you felt like your whole world has been turned upside down? This is certainly unpleasant, and can be gut wrenching. You are in good company. Let’s look at the Friday of Jesus’ last week. Remember he enters Jerusalem on … Continue reading

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