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Musings from The Story chapter 17

Captivity. It isn’t a word that sounds like it would be fun to experience. Israel and Judah both are now the victims of captivity. They were uprooted from their homes, and transplanted to a foreign land in a foreign culture. … Continue reading

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51 degrees, Polar Vortex, and the church

51 degrees sounds pretty good right now, doesn’t it? The other night, you remember, the night when it got down to the coldest temperatures in 20 years due to the attack of the Polar Vortex, 51 degrees would have been … Continue reading

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I don’t want to go church anymore!

Recently I was asked for my advice from a student about a waning interest and want to as far as church attendance goes. I want to honor the young person who wrote to me, so I won’t share names. But … Continue reading

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