Some reflections on Mark 6

thoughts on Mark 6
v. 1-6, isn’t it interesting that the demons (legion) in Mark 5 have more faith than Jesus’ own hometown?
v. 6-12 — Jesus sends out his disciples two by two. Note the importance of calling and sending! I think this is significant. Those Jesus calls he commissions to do his work. The disciples essentially travel around doing the same work as Jesus, their message is the same: repentance and the arrival of the kingdom of God! Is our work any different? I think not.
v. 13-29 — We could get into the issues of politics, sex and gender but I won’t to much. It is interesting as the this section begins that the identity of Jesus is once again being discussed. People, even Jesus’ enemies recognize that something significant is happening in and through Jesus. He is growing in fame, but Jesus didn’t want fame. He wanted our hearts. Note how in this section the seduction of the young girl, she dances and it pleases Herod. Apparently she was dropping it like it was hot and Herod liked it. He probably was singing, something like, “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur (with the fur)…shorty get low, low, low.” Just kidding, but no seriously!
v. 30-44 — I love this story. The disciples return from their mission, they are hungry and Jesus wants to get a solitary place for rest and a meal. While the disciples are driven by their gut, notice when Jesus sees the crowds of people that have amassed where they were headed that has compassion on them. The Greek word for compassion describes an emotion that comes from the gut of the bowels, so while the disciples are driven by their physical hunger in their gut, Jesus is driven by his compassion from his gut!
The disciples see a problem. Jesus sees an opportunity. The disciples ask Jesus to dismiss the crowd. Jesus tells them to feed them. The disciples are concerned about the cost (8 months worth of wages), Jesus is concerned about their faith. I think the question here, is Jesus enough? When the logistics are pushed out of the way, is he enough? Can he meet our deepest need?
Jesus feeds 5000 men! In John 6 this same scene pictures these men ready to force kingship on Jesus. You can’t force what is already true. But, the question for me is the crowd more interested in a free meal and cool things Jesus does, or in Jesus as enough!
v. 45-56 — I like this moment. Jesus is alone praying. The disciples are on the lake, the wind is against them. It seems that this is a spiritual attack. The language is interesting to me. Note, Jesus sees them walks out on the lake and is about to pass by them. The disciples are afraid and cry out. Jesus reassures them with “It is I.” This is God language and reminds us of the scene where the Lord let Moses see his backside in the cleft of the rock. It is the same language “pass by.” Instead of the backside of God, followers of Jesus get full face to face contact with the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Even in the midst of wind and waves, Jesus calms the wind. Sometimes, he may not calm the storms around us, but instead he calms us in the storms of life.
When they land on the other side, Jesus is healing, touching and advancing the boundaries of the kingdom of God!


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