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The Tulsa Workshop 2013

I love the Tulsa workshop. Since entering full time ministry in 2003 I have been almost every year. It has been a time of reflection, encouragement, renewal, hope for the future of the church. This year was no different. The … Continue reading


John 8 and the church

I love this story. It moves me and disturbs me at the same time. A woman caught in adultery is brought to Jesus. The Law demands that the culprits be stoned. Roman law prohibited capital¬†punishment. Jesus asks a question to … Continue reading

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Some reflections on Mark 6

thoughts on Mark 6 v. 1-6, isn’t it interesting that the demons (legion) in Mark 5 have more faith than Jesus’ own hometown? v. 6-12 — Jesus sends out his disciples two by two. Note the importance of calling and … Continue reading

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Teaching Outline from Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013

Every piece matters — Ephesians 4:1-13 Object lesson: – give all the students a piece of a puzzle and have them come up to table set up at the front of the room and work the puzzle together Debrief: – … Continue reading

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