Mark 3:25 ramblings

Mark 3:25 –Jesus’s words are haunting. If a house if is divided against itself it cannot stand. Boy, how true. One of the interesting things here is the word house is used throughout Mark as a marker for who is in and who is out. Those in the house with Jesus are insiders, those on the outside are well, outsiders. So, what is he saying? If insiders are in arms against each other, the house can’t stand. Or another way of saying this would be, if insiders are up in arms against one another than it isn’t really a house isn’t it? It is more akin to a bunker or a fox hole, or a battle ground. Note, the words “kingdom,” and “Satan” in the verse before and behind. I don’t want to stretch context here, but these seem almost military terms to me, in addition to the whole business of houses being divided. Earthly kingdoms make war against other kingdoms, Satan makes war against believers. When believers make war with other believers we aren’t insiders any more.

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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