Youth Ministry transition: new place goals…

I have been in youth ministry for 9 years. I have loved working with students and parents and pointing them to Jesus. Nine years is a long time to learn, observe, try new stuff, fail, recast vision. So, it has been fun to put all of my theological, biblical and ministry training into practice over this time. I am getting to take the best of 9 years and my training and start over, but from the vantage point of veteran youth worker.

Every year since I began I have always set goals for myself and for the YM. As the soon to be Youth Minister in a new ministry context I have been thinking about what my goals are for the first 3 months. Here is what I have so far, if any of my blog readers have any ideals for me to add, I would appreciate your advice:


  • Observe new church practices, ministry structures, key ministry leaders and look for ways to get involved
  • Begin sending birthday cards, and texts to new students. Letting them know I care and am available
  • Make contact and visit every student and family
  • Look for/find/pursue adults who are also passionate about Youth Ministry and begin to plug them into student small group leadership roles where these key adults will partner with these students through their freshmen year of college
  • Invest in new students, look for avenues into school, visit their concerts, games, etc.
  • Research Youth program, find out history, successes, and failings, and cast a vision of transformation and growth
  • Begin regular email contact with the parents as well as utilize facebook and other social media
  • Look for service opportunities in the community
  • Plan intentional family faith builders
  • Plan a parent/teen meeting shortly after starting
  • eat well and exercise
  • Read some new YM books

Summary with Scripture:

One of my friends asked about adding some Scripture along with these goals, he has a good point. My aim is to incorporate Deuteronomy 6:4-9 into the heartbeat of my ministry as well as the over all life of the church. I want to share my life with my students and not just information. I want to have ministry bathed in prayer, able to endure the storms of life (Proverbs 3:5; Psalm 46:10; Daniel 2, 3 and 6). I want to ooze Jesus everywhere I go. I want to partner with our adults and help the kids to rely on the Word of God and to mature in their faith and to know that they are loved by God and to love Him with the entirety of their beings and to love others!

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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3 Responses to Youth Ministry transition: new place goals…

  1. rick odell says:

    Not to be all “Biblical” and such… but have you thought about attaching some specific verses to each of your goals? That might strengthen it a bit. Miss you, bro.

  2. Marty Baker says:

    Partner with Parents – Communicate clear vision and expectations for parental involvement in the ministry and in the home regarding the spiritual formation of their children.

  3. rundadrun says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to work with you Jason. Thanks for posting this and letting us see a little of what is in store. Praying for your safe travels.
    In Him,
    Rob Rice

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