Luke 5:1-11

Sunday morning I am preaching. I wanted to revisit the first text I preached when I interviewed at Chisholm Trail. So, I am looking at Luke 5:1-11. I don’t remember what I said that first  day. I was nervous, not very confident in my ability, and preached solely from notes, and I am sure it stunk.

Nine years later, I love to preach, love the process of interacting and wrestling with a text. So, I am bookending my time at Chisholm with Luke 5:1-11.


Luke 5:1-11                                         “From Fishing to Mission”

  • This story has always intrigued me…
  • It follows on the heels of Jesus inaugural address in Luke 4 (v. 18) and before that his showdown with the devil in the wilderness (Luke 4:16-19)
  • This story asks us to consider the economyof ancient Palestine
    • There is through the Gospel of Luke and in Acts an emphasis on God’s concern for justice and his careof the oppressed and the poor
      • Seen in Mary’s song (Luke 1:46-55)
      • The announcement to the shepherds (2:8-19)
      • In Mary’s offering of a pair of doves or two young pigeons (she couldn’t afford the lamb)
      • His mission statement in a Capernaum synagogue (Luke 4:16-19)
      • His healing of a demon possessed man (Luke 4:33-35)
      • All the various sick in Luke 4:4-41
      • The calling of fishermen,  tax-collectors, the touching of lepers, spending time with sinners
  • This story asks us to consider the economy of God
    • In Jesus God has arrived in abundance to liberate his followers from the bondage of scarcity, oppression and sin
  • Another Part of the text to consider is that Jesus transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary: A boat becomes a pulpit, Fishermen become followers, God doesn’t shy away from the sinner

Spotlight: Peter

  • Experienced fishermen:
  • He has three necessaryqualities Jesus is looking for
    • Told to cast the nets yet again, does so (willing to do what Jesus says)
    • Recognizes himself as a sinner, bows before him (Humility)
    • Leaves everything behind (fully committed)

Spotlight: Us

  • Experienced in us, and our interests
  • Do we have those same threequalities?
    • Are you willing do what Jesus says?
    • Do you see yourself as bankrupt before God?
    • What are you anchored too that you need to let go of?

Peter could have stayed and made a living as a fisherman

  • But he traded in a net and a boat for a messiah and a mission

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