Love like Jesus…

Love like Jesus.

Three simple words. Three words put together in a sentence and it carries a wallop of a punch. I was reading in Mark the other day and it once again struck me how awesome it is that Jesus chose to hang out with the sin sick, the demon-possessed, the diseased, the disabled, the down-and-out, the disregarded, and disenfranchised. He touched the untouchable to demonstrate to us and to his first followers what God’s love looks like.

The Jewish religious leaders wanted to protect God’s holiness. I get it. They were living under the boot of Rome. Yes, Jews were allowed to continue their Jewish ways, but they weren’t respected nor were they trying to change the world they lived in. Jesus comes along sitting and eating with sinners and tax collectors, touching the one’s that others had overlooked to show what the inbreaking of the kingdom of God looks like…Jesus was contaminating the world with God’s holiness.

We sure do have a lot to learn from Jesus.

Today, is one of those days when people who claim to follow Jesus need to love like Jesus. (Everyday really), but today being the August 1, and listening to and watching the heated facebook posts supporting Chick-Fil-A. John Dobbs goes into better detail than I will over at his blog about this media produced war all pertaining to the founder and owner of Chick-Fil-A who took a stand on marriage. So to be sure there will be lots of people today buying chicken sandwiches, but I hope that no one loses sight of Jesus and what it means to love like Jesus.

If God really is reigning (and I believe he is), and if God’s kingdom is breaking into our world (and I believe it is) then I don’t have to try to protect God’s holiness. No, instead today and everday I am called to help contaminate the world with God’s holiness. So, today may we love like Jesus whether or not we buy chicken sandwiches or not!

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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