My sermon outline for Matthew 5:3

This Sunday, we are beginning a new series on the Beatitudes, and in our Bible classes we are studying the Sermon on the Mount. Here is my sermon outline for Sunday morning: “Broke but rich, Poor but kings”

There is a revolution underfoot:

  • It is announced by John in Matthew 3:2, with his proclamation to repent for the kingdom of heaven is near
    • You have to take sides
    • Allegiance to earthly kings and the ways of the this world or
    • Allegiance to the King and his kingdom way
  • It is echoed by Jesus in Matthew 4:17, and seen in his powerful deeds in (4:23-24)
  • From Matthew through John, you find the word “kingdom” some 117 times

The Sermon on the Mount is an invitation to join the revolution underway in the coming of Jesus:

  • The revolution is in invitation to a new life,
    •  new Lord, new purpose, new mission, recreation and restoration
    • A renovation of the heart of heart
  • A new life that is about one thing: Living under the reign and rule of God

Jesus offers us a different way, a way that is more meaningful than pursuing happiness

  • The way of the kingdom:
    • Where up is down, and service and selflessness are manifestations of the king
    • Where  the ways of the powerful and wealthy are overturned and the poor, persecuted, hungry and mourners are blessed
    • God turns the ways of world upside down
  • The way of Jesus is narrow(Matt 7:13-14)
    • Where obedience is not a matter of obligation but of dedication (Matt 7:21-27)
    • Where love for God and love for others are visible demonstrations of our newness (Matt 5:3-10)

The beatitudes are the seeds of revolution, not with weapons of war, but a long slow, steady assault on the heart and transformation of the self and it’s selfish wants and desires to the total surrender to the rule of God.

  • In Matthew 5:3 Jesus starts with “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”
  • What does it mean to be poor in spirit?
    • Someone who is utterly dependent on God
    • A situation of desperation
    • Bankrupt before God – not able to earn God’s favor (Luke 18:9-14)
  • Invitation to come as you are, not after trying to do better or become better, but an acknowledgement of the hopelessness of your condition

Recipients of the kingdom:

  • Stripped of self-sufficiency and self-righteousness, those who accept their poverty before God experience the blessing of God’s rule
  • Someone whose sole identity is bound up in the person, and work of Jesus

The poor in spirit are aware of their utter despair and desperation before God and have to nothing to offer to God. The aware are invited to join the revolution!


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