Sermon Outline: Mark 5:21-43

Double Faith Cheeseburger

I. The Background:

A. Mark 5:21-43 is an example of literary technique called “doubling

B. The larger context: Mark 4:35-5:43 – Jesus’s power is on dramatic display

C. The sandwich features: A –5:21-23; B – 5:24-34; A’ – 5:35-43

II. The Story:

A. Jairus

1. A synagogue ruler approaches Jesus (5:6,22)

2. He is one of the few characters in Mark with a name besides the disciples & Jesus

3. Jairus has a need, a need to heal his unnamed dying daughter (5:23)

4. Jesus sets off toward Jarius’ house, but a large crowd impedes his progress (5:24)

B. The unnamed bleeding woman (5:24-34)

1. She’s ritually impure (Lev. 15:25-30). She has been bleeding and dying for the same amount of time that Jarius’ daughter has been living

2. She’s  desperate & takes a great risk seeking the anonymity of the crowd (5:26-29)

3. Her risk paid off (5:29), she’s found out (5:30-33) and falls at Jesus’ feet

4. The unnamed woman, once a social outcast is given back her “insider status,” and is called “daughter” (5:34)

C. The unnamed dead daughter

1. This scene is interrupted with the dreadful news of death (5:35)

2. Will Jarius have faith after what he has seen? (5:36)

3. At Jairus house they are greeted with commotion and grief (5:38)

4. Jesus risks becoming ritually impure himself, reaches out for the hand of the dead girl

D. Common Themes

1. Both stories involved touching

2. Both stories involved unnamed women, both are called daughter

3. Both stories involve fear and trembling

4. Both stories emphasize the importance of faith/belief

5. Both stories portray Jesus as the bringer of holiness & wholeness to places it has not previously been

6. Both stories affirm the power of Jesus

a. Jesus has saved people from the threat of chaos, from spiritual bondage, from

illness and isolation and from death

III. Our story:

1. Faith stirs the response of Jesus

2. Stepping out in faith helps to overcome any obstacle

3. Faith is meant to be visible

4. Stepping out in faith leads us to know that Jesus is enough

5. Faith doesn’t answer the “why” questions but always provides assurance that God is near! Maybe a better question is a “what” question? What can I appreciate about this journey that I am on? What can I learn about the faithfulness of God, myself, others, etc?

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