Sermon Outline from several weeks ago: From our Not a Fan Series (Luke 7:36-50)

Fans know about Jesus, followers “know” Jesus

The Story and the Characters: (Luke 7:36-50)

1. Simon the Pharisee:

A. Why would he have invited Jesus to dinner?

B. Simon didn’t display customary hospitality practices to Jesus

C. Simon was not too keen on this “sinful woman” being in his home

D. Doesn’t think to highly of Jesus (Lk. 7:39)

2. The Sinful Woman:

A. We aren’t told her name or why she was known as a sinner

B. Her desperation lead her to Simon’s house (Lk. 7:37)

C. Her devotion and a profound sense of gratitude lead her to weep                                          uncontrollably all over Jesus’ feet, and then let down her hair to wipe them up,                      and then to kiss and anoint his feet

3. Jesus:

A. Knows Simon’s inner thoughts and uses a parable of two people with                                    different, but substantial forgiven debt to drive home his point

B. He asks Simon if he “sees this woman?” (Lk. 7:44)

C. Redirects Simon’s attention back to his lack of hospitality (Lk. 7:44-46)

D. The other guests raise the question of the identity of Jesus

A Couple of Questions:

1. Who are we most like in the story?

A. Simon: Rules over relationship

B. The Woman: Desperate to be near Jesus

2. When was the last time we expressed our gratitude for what Christ has done and is doing for us?

3. Do you know a lot about Jesus, or do you “know” Jesus?

A. “Know” in Hebrew is ‘yada

i. An intimate sharing (cf. Gen 4:1) –Dedicated, devotion, intimate                                        sharing

ii. Also means showing mercy (Pro 12:10) understanding the needs of                                     those around you

iii. Also can mean acting justly (Jer. 22:15-16)—faithfully living out your                                  covenant relationship with the Lord in all areas of your life

4. The Creator of the Universe wants us to have ‘yada relationship with Him and He with us


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