Walking again, new school year and 8 years of ministry

I have been a bit laid up over the last two months. My foot is healing and I was able to start walking two weeks ago now. The foot is a little tender and I walk with noticeable limp, and use a cane from time to time. However, I have noticed in two weeks a big difference in my recover time and in my strength. My left leg had atrophied pretty quickly. I can see progress. It is nice to get out of my walking boot and into a regular shoe. I am back in the gym, and have been since my injury now for about 4 weeks. I also today for the first time in two months, was able to do some cardio. I rode the exercise bike for ten minutes. I tried to get on the elliptical machine, and well, I have some flexibility issues with my left foot that makes the elliptical a little tough. Literally, every day is a step of progress!

On a change of note, yesterday was my kid’s first day of school. All three of my little ones are now in school. Miley, my 4 year old started pre-K. She was so brave and didn’t cry. I wonder how she will be when the novelty and the newness wear off? This week, on Wednesday my wife and I have been with the Chisholm Trail family for 8 years. The day sort of came and went for us without any thought to what the day was. I just realized this morning that today is the 12th and I have been in full time ministry for 8 years. A lot has changed in 8 years. We moved here unsure, and unsteady with one child (4 weeks old). Now we have three children, and I feel like I am competent and confident (cf. 2 Cor 3:5-6) as a minister. God has been good to us over the last 8 years, and I am looking forward to seeing what He will do in the future.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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