The Trail Midweek update: Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Trail Midweek update: Thursday, March 3, 2011


A word from the Word: Read Leviticus (the whole book)

“The LORD said to Moses” (Lev. 24:1)

Food for thought: Daily Bible readers…

Maybe you aren’t like me, but every year at the beginning of the year one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read through the whole Bible. I have access to a number of good, and handy tools to do this. I start off strong, and I sometimes read ahead. But then I get to the book of Leviticus and many times before my daily Bible reading comes to a screeching halt. Leviticus is not my favorite book, and if you were honest too, I bet you would have the same opinion.

So, I was reading along, trying to catch up and get through Leviticus and I noticed three things that I think will help us we read through Leviticus in the future:

1.       We find the phrase, “The Lord said to Moses,” over and over again throughout the book. When a Biblical author repeats a word or phrase throughout his book, there is a good chance he wants us to pay attention to this phrase. I am banking on “The Lord said to Moses,” as being on of these key themes throughout Leviticus and also notice throughout the Pentateuch how this phrase operates. God is making it clear that he is the One who speaks, who gives directions, who is guiding Moses, the author of these laws.

2.       Secondly, I came across the following two verses that seemed to hit my right between the eyes:

“11 I will put my dwelling place among you, and I will not abhor you. 12 I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people. “(Lev. 26:11-12)

I was reminded of the whole purpose of the book. Remember, Israel had been rescued from Egyptian bondage, and God had delivered them through the Red Sea and was bringing them to the Promised Land. God was literally forming Israel into the kind of community he wanted them to be for the good of the world. God’s desire has always been to live in relationship with his creation, and the legal code in Leviticus are the parameters that the Lord had set to create/form this new people who would be markedly different from the peoples in the surrounding lands.

3.       In those sections where we read the key phrase, “The Lord said to Moses,” sometimes we will read with “when I brought them out of Egypt. I am the LORD your God,” or something similar (Lev. 23:43). God reminds Israel of their past, and his past faithfulness. To us readers living some several thousand years removed from this book’s original writing and the original audience it was intended for, we know the end of the story. Israel did not. It was as if the Lord knew (and He certainly does) that Israel would be tempted to forget where they had come and what the point of their religious/ethical/moral code of laws were for. He begins to tell them, what He had done for them by rescuing them from Egypt, and His own holiness are the anchor that holds this whole thing together. We can bank on the goodness of God.



LTC News, Updates, and Stuff:

Wednesdays in Mar. starting on the 2nd and running through April 20 – LTC Practices begin. Please check bulletin board in F.E.A, and listen for announcements on practices times, etc. Here’ s what I have as of right now:


o 5:30-6:00 – Chorus –Auditorium—Coach: Craig

o 6:00-6:30 – Puppets – W. Annex            –Coaches: Janet/and crew

o 6:30-7:00 –Drama—W. Annex—Coaches: Misti/Kim


o 5:30-6:00 –Drama – W. Annex – Coaches: Stephen and Donna

o 6:00-6:30 – Puppets – 5th gr room – Coaches: Mark and Sherri

o 6:30-7:00 – Chorus – East Overflow – Coach: Steve


o 5:30-6:00—Drama – East Overflow – Coaches: Wendy/Gina

o 6:00-6:30—Puppets—East overflow – Coaches: Phil/Rodney

o 6:30-7:00—Chorus – East Overflow –Coach: Steve


March Calendar w/some important information in April, May, June and July!

Thur. Mar. 3– MHS Lunch @ the Morrow’s. Bring $3 & catch a ride w/Jason. Sat. Mar. 5 – Spring Sing @ O.C. Ticket cost is $13.00, please get your money to me by Saturday.

Sun. Mar. 6 – YLG (Youth Life Group). I will pick up Marlow kids @ Legacy Bank, and head back to Duncan by 4:45pm. Bring you $3.

Thur. Mar. 10 – MHS Lunch @ the Morrow’s. Bring $3 & catch a ride w/Jason.

Thur. Mar. 10 – Service Project @ C.C. from 5-7pm.

Fri. Mar. 11 – Game Night @ West Annex from 7pm-midnight. Bring $5 and invite your friends!

Sun. Mar. 13 — YLG (Youth Life Group). I will pick up Marlow kids @ Legacy Bank, and head back to Duncan by 4:45pm. Bring you $3.

March 14-18 – S P R I N G   B R E A K !!!!!!!

Sun. Mar 20 – Youth Lead worship in the am.

Sun. Mar. 20 – YLG (Youth Life Group). I will pick up Marlow kids @ Legacy Bank, and head back to Duncan by 4:45pm. Bring you $3.

Thur. Mar. 24 — Lunch @ the Morrow’s. Bring $3 & catch a ride w/Jason.

Sat. Mar. 26 – Muffins w/ Mom from 9:30-10:30am. This is an opportunity for moms, and their children to have a few minutes to unplug from the busyness of family schedules and get reconnected!  (NOTE: This new date reflects a change from the regular youth group calendar. I am sorry for the changes)

Sun. Marc. 27 — YLG (Youth Life Group). I will pick up Marlow kids @ Legacy Bank, and head back to Duncan by 4:45pm. Bring you $3.

Sun. April 10 – The last Life Group meeting for the season

Fri-Sat. APR. 22-23 – LTC in Rogers, AR

Sun. May 15 – Senior Reception

June 5-11 – Jump Week @ Lu-Jo

June 12-18 – Peak Week @ Lu-Jo

June 25-July 1 – Houston Mission Trip to the Impact Church of Christ

July 17-19 – VBS @ Chisholm Trail (NOTICE: In you monthly mailing you will get, these dates will be different. I just recently changed the dates to what you see here, to reflect our new VBS dates. Sorry for the confusion.

Notice, there are lots of opportunity for involvement coming up. I am looking forward to seeing what the summer brings! Please be praying for our kids for great opportunities to encounter the resurrected Christ and to share his story with others!


March Birthdays:

  • 3/12 – Aubrey Van Buskirk
  • 3/31 — Jonathon Anderson

Please let me know if I have missed someone!!


Family Focus: Tips, tools, and interesting articles

•   Faith begins @ Home:

•   News from the World of Youth Culture, from CPYU.ORG: •   Check out, a great place for articles, resources and youth culture:

•   More youth culture stuff. Mom and Dad, this is just stuff you need to know:



Project # 1: Give a Goat (

I want to share some information directly from the Give a Goat webpage:

“Give a Goat is a 501(c)3 pending nonprofit based out of Oklahoma. We believe that poverty can only be eradicated through development and sustainable growth. We believe in empowering individuals and communities to help themselves. Women and children are our key focus because they are our future. One Goat. One Goal. To end poverty by addressing the center of the problem.

Over 30% of people in the Philippines live below the national poverty line of less than $1 a day. Give a Goat was started by Salvador Cariaga, a native to the Philippines, in an effort to combat this severe epidemic of poverty. By providing goats to impoverished families we are able to create sustainability, self-sufficiency, and longevity. Family after family, community after community, we have seen our program change lives, and our efforts don’t stop with the goats. We teach goat raisers to use the goats as a centerpiece for more change. Goat manure goes to create organic farms. Goats milk provides nutrition as well as the key ingredient in self-manufactured goats milk soap. And we didn’t stop there. We have expanded to build orphanages, feeding stations, medical services, clean water wells, and jewelry and craft making. It is our goal to keep growing, while remaining faithful to our values of sustainability and benevolence.”

This organization was started by a couple of OC students who wanted to make a tangible difference. So, by raising $50.00 we can purchase a goat for a family overseas, and this goat will help them become self-sufficient. So, our youth group is collecting change to give a goat to a family in need. Please consider joining us!

Project # 2: Wee Praise…

Every Sunday after communion, our 2 year olds through Kindergartners have an opportunity to worship God on their level and you teens and parents have an opportunity to be an extension of the heart of God for children. There is a sign-up sheet in the foyer on the Children’s Ministry Board, please check it out and sign-up. We need you!!!!

Project # 3: Saturday, March 5 WORK DAY@ CTCOC



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