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Sermon Outline from Deut. 6:4-25 & Thoughts on Parenting Beyond Your Capacity

I get to share with the congregation Sunday. I have recently finished reading Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof’s new book, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. Let me say, it is one of the best books on parenting that I have come … Continue reading

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What to teach…?

I have have the privilege of fleshing out in some meetings with our church’s new education team, what it is we would like each grade/age level to know, and what we want them to do. What follows is what I … Continue reading

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God is still moving

The Synoptics share several of the key theological themes, and certainly the portrayal of Jesus as the Lord of heaven and earth come in human flesh to restore the brokenness that has come as a result of the Fall in … Continue reading

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Point of view in 1 Kings 20-22

1) Explain in your own words the theoretical concepts under consideration. This week we read about point of view and different literary techniques the author/ narrator employs to tell his or her story. The narrator is an artist, his canvass … Continue reading

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The Trail Midweek update: Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Trail Midweek update: Thursday, March 3, 2011 ====================================================================== A word from the Word: Read Leviticus (the whole book) “The LORD said to Moses” (Lev. 24:1) Food for thought: Daily Bible readers… Maybe you aren’t like me, but every year … Continue reading

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