Sermon Outline—Leadership Lessons from Nehemiah “Fighting For Your Family”

Sunday, July 18, 2010 – Nehemiah 4:13-15

Families are important*

  • Relationships are key
  • Parents/grandparents your job is  not done
  • Students: you need your parents

Nehemiah 4:13-15 makes what’s at stake urgent and personal

  • Exposed places – where are they in your family? Where are they in your lives?
    • The church is an exposed place
      • Avg. 52 weeks a year, 2 hours a week = 104 avg.
      • Parents you have on avg. 3000 hours avg. with your children
        • Parents you have a great responsibility, don’t give up, don’t give up, don’t give up!
        • The church was never meant to replace the role of parents to teach, mentor, instruct (Deut. 6; 2 Tim. 2:5; 3:14-15)
          • There is a natural partnership between the church and  family
            • The church is often referred to in familial terms
  • Stand together as family
    • The best thing to do is just to show up in your family the right way, as we do life together (our discipleship journey), everything else will follow
      • How do you spell love in your family? T-I-M-E
      • Remember the Lord who is great and awesome
  • Fight for your family:
    • What are we fighting for?
      • The heart and soul of our families
      • To pass on the legacy of faith to the next generation, to build up our spouses
      • Relationship
      • Parents need to fight for their children, and children need to fight for their parents
        • Tendency is to disengage as our kids get older
      • If we don’t fight for relationship, someone else, or something else will fill the emptiness
        • The Hurrying of children
        • The feelings of systemic abandonment of teens
  • Relationships aren’t a chore, or a job, it’s a lifestyle, a doing life together, a journey


* Borrowed and adapted from a Lesson taught by Reggie Joiner, @ NCYM (National Conference on Youth Ministries), January 2008 in Colorado Springs, CO.

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