A new quarter, new students, and some missional thoughts…

Today at Chisholm Trail we began a new quarter. For us all the kids moved up to their new classes. Today in our youth ministry we welcomed about 12 new 6th graders into our youth group! It is an exciting time in their lives, and I am excited to have such a good group of kids to invest my life with!

This quarter, I am teaching an adult class. I like the variety and change up. We are talking about evangelism really, but looking at it through a different angle. Recently, as a side note, our senior minister and I got to brain storm a dream out loud a more intentionally missional direction for our congregation. Evangelism in churches of Christ has got to be so much more than just watching the Jule Miller films. See, for the church to truly be effective today in our world, the church has to leave the building, and Christians need to have a sense of mission and purpose when they go to work, school, the grocery store, the gym, etc. Moving in a more intentionally missional direction will require a shift in our theology. A shift that gives great importance to one’s location or vocation throughout the work week.

Our quarter’s class material is “Go Fish,” and I am excited to see where these next 9 weeks will lead. One of my goals for our adult class is to help my class catch a vision of the high importance becoming “fishers of men.” And yet, to help foster a new attitude and approach to just what this means. We hinted at it today, but in order for their to be an opportunity in our world today for us as disciples of Christ to share our faith, we have to invest in relationships with the people we anticipate “witnessing,” too. If we are followers of Jesus, then we have a story. A story of what God has done for us, and how he has changed and is changing us. If the church is going to make a difference in our community in Oklahoma, we have to be willing to make a long term investment in the lives of the people we work with, go to school with, and worship with. We also need to recognize that by and large that the lost souls that God wants to reach are not flocking to churches. Hurting, and sin-sick souls are “out there,” and if study the mission of Jesus we learn that Jesus went to where these kinds of people were. He didn’t yell at them, or scold them. He loved them, invested in them, and pointed them home. May we do the same!

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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