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My sermon outline for our Senior Sunday (Mark 12:28-34)

Sunday, May 2, 2010:: Mark 12:34-40 “Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength and the Courage to Love God and Others” Congratulations class of 2010 It’s been a long road, you’ve made it! Today is about honoring you, but there are some … Continue reading

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Youth Lead Service: Sermon Outline for 4.25.10 (LTC showcase)

Are any of you tired or burdened this morning? Life takes its toll on us Deadlines, appointments, obligations, research papers, prom, track, speech, family, etc (school self, after school self, church self, work self) Burdens weigh you down, and can … Continue reading

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Review of the Apocalyptic Literature by Stephen L. Cook

Stephen L. Cook provides his readers with an introduction into the highly imaginative world of apocalyptic literature. Cook writes from an academic’s perspective, and yet his Christian faith comes through as the fruit of his research comes to light in … Continue reading

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Review of The Prophetic Literature, by Marvin A. Sweeney

Marvin A. Sweeney provides a very educational and introductory look into the books of the Prophets. The prophetic books include the works of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the books of the Twelve, commonly called the Minor Prophets. Sweeney examines each … Continue reading

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Here’s a little sample of what I have been reading as of late, in preparation for my OT paper…

Barton, John. “Wellhausen’s Prolegomena to the History of Israel: Influences and Effects.” Pages 316-329 in Text and Experience: Towards a Cultural Exegesis of the Bible. Edited by Daniel-Smith-Christopher. Sheffield, Eng.: Sheffield, 1995. Birch, Bruce C., Walter Brueggeman, Terence E.Fretheim, and … Continue reading

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Review of The Wisdom Literature by Richard J. Clifford

Richard J. Clifford has provided a good introductory work to the books in Scripture known as the Wisdom Literature; Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and key Apocryphal texts such as Wisdom of Solomon, and Sirach. Clifford reminds readers that the … Continue reading

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Review of the Historical Books by Richard D. Nelson

Richard D. Nelson provides a good introduction to the critical issues surrounding the corpus of literature known as the Historical Books or the Deuteronomic History, also known as Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Chronicles and Ezra-Nehemiah. Nelson, acknowledges that while the Bible, … Continue reading

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Review of The Pentateuch by Terrence Fretheim

Terrence Fretheim’s, The Pentateuch, is a good introduction to the critical study of the Pentateuch exploring the text from a scholarly, well-informed, and faith building perspective. Fretheim points out that the Pentateuch is an important work.  Fretheim’s work is brief, … Continue reading

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