bad blogger: grateful daddy

It’s true. I am probably one of the worst bloggers in the big 0le blogosphere. Sometimes I want to write, or rant, but most of time I am engaged in grad. home work, church ministry, or family stuff that blogging seems so unimportant.

It’s been a couple of weird weeks in Duncan, Oklahoma. We had a major blizzard at Christmas, Jen, the girls and I got snowed in Tulsa at Jen’s parents. Then two weeks ago, a major ice storm rocked our area. We were without power for 3 days, and our neighbors in Marlow went 10 days or so with out power. It was the icepocalypse. The girls and I were nomads for a couple of days. Being without the luxuries for a few days sure helps you to notice how dependent we are on the things we take for granted. In those 3 days as nomads, we huddled up, shared lots of blankets, and enjoyed the time with friends and family. It is amazing how children can make the best of a bad situation. I was worried sick about the temperature indoors, and my girls giggled, danced and played as if everything was just hunky doory! I guess, when your 6, 4, and 2, there isn’t a whole lot to worry about. Maybe that is why Jesus talked about the importance of becing like children in regards to entering the kingdom of heaven?!

In the last two weeks, Jen and I have been to the E-R twice. Once with Miley, who I dropped. I know that sounds awful, and it is. Believe you me, for a daddy to have dropped their child is just awful. I slipped on a sheet of ice, and had she not fallen I believe she would have incurred a worser fate than a trip the E-R, and a bad of M and M’s. Mileyy is good, nothing wrong. My heart was broke though that day. I realized that there are limitations as a parent to just what you can protect your child from. Miley asks me often, “daddy, I not fall?” It crushes me, and I try to reassure her that I will do my best to make sure that she doesn’t fall.

Then this week, Kenzie pulled down on top of herself, our free standing food pantry. A trip to the E-R later, an X-Ray, and lots of love from both momma and daddy, she didn’t have any broken bones either. Just a bruise. I think the point of all of this, is that life is just so unplanned sometimes. You can prepare for somethings, but things just happen. It is in those moments that the quality of your character shines. How you handle the stressors, and maneuver through them, and what you learn is very important.


I am plugging away on my graduate studies. I am taking two classes this semester: Intro to the Old Testament, and Organizational Leadership. I am finding the OT class to be interesting. Biblical Criticism is interesting to say the least, and I am finding that the books we are reading are helpful. As a youth minister, I am always trying to be mindful of what I am learning in the classroom, and apply in the youth room. That’s the goal of all our efforts and workshops, seminars, and conferences really anyway, isn’t it. After this term is over, I will have 66 grad. hours done, 18 hours left!

I have been trying to text my students in the youth ministry daily with an encouraging word, or a Bible verse, or just to let them know that I am praying for them. I’d be interested in hearing how you other youth workers are using social media, and the like to connect with your students.

That’s enough for now. Hope to write soon!


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