random ramblings:anniversary, school, and healthcare

This week my wife and I celebrated our 6th anniversary of full time ministry with the Chisholm Trail church of Christ. It has been an awesome ride, full of twists, turns, tumbles and triumphs. We have had a great time here, and look forward to what God has in store for us in the future.

My middle daughter will start Pre-K tomorrow. She is excited, and a little nervous. She has lots of questions about how things will work, she is a lot like I am, when it comes to dealing with a new situation. She will do great. Our oldest is going to be a first grader. Both girls got to meet their teachers last night. It should be an interesting year. And the little one will have to adjust to being home with mommy only.

We are officially launching small groups at our congregation this Sunday. While this week is just an introduction meeting, I am still excited. Jen and I, and one other couple will be working with our MS, and HS kids. Things will be a little different for our kids. We have had to multiply groups even before we’ve started. I have been praying for this new endeavor, and see some great potential for our congregation through meeting in small groups.

I have been thinking a little about heath care reform. I see the news coverage, and get the panic driven e-mails about this conspiracy or another. But, what if there was a third way? A way the church, the body of Christ could do more to meet the needs of the heart broken, poor, uninsured, immigrant, and sick? I believe that there is a greater capacity for the church in our day and age to be Jesus to our neighbors.  The early church is portrayed as caring for one another, taking care of anyone who had need. The mark of a christian community is its love for one another (Jn. 13:34). Isn’t this part of what it means to love our neighbor? Jesus calls us to action in Matthew 25:31-46. What if caring for the poor, displaced, depressed, down and out, diseased involved meeting their needs no matter how great or costly? A couple other Scriptures to ponder are Luke 10:25-37 and James 1:26-27, and Deuteronomy 15:1-11. To truly be the body of Christ we have to be willing to go to the places where Jesus went, spend time with the people he came to rescue, touch the untouchable, love the unlovable, care for the sick, feed the hungry, and love “the other,” regardless of race, economic status, religious experience, gender, etc.


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