Jump Week: Camp reflections 2

Jump week @ Camp Lu-Jo is HS kids only. It takes a few days for the high schoolers to let go of their baggage, but by about Tuesday all of the camp begins to really gel and then we go deep. This year, I got to be a part of the 12th grade and graduated seniors class. I have watched my teen guys go through this week, and come back changed and I had waited for so long to get to share it with them. This year at Lu-Jo Jump week was a special week for me. More on that in a minute.

I got to preach Sunday night, our theme for the week was Conquest from the book of Joshua. I spoke from Joshua 3, and tried to relate some amazing things I learned about God from this passage as well as my life over the last few years. One of the amazing things though that jumped out at me was that as chapter 3 opens, Israel is camped at Shittim, 40 years earlier the children of Israel made a major blunder here, and as a result a lot of people died. Shittim was a place of great failure (Num 25), it is interesting to me that God brings Israel back to this place to regroup and have a redo. This time, they get it right, and cross the Jordan.I tried to communicate to the kids that God is faithful, and that will never turn his back on us. I have for the last 6 years got to kick things off for Jump Week, and try to get out of the way and let God work.

Tuesday night we always have a special worship, and this year we set up an obstacle course, paired the kids up and blindfolded one of them and the one blindfolded had to listen to their partner to complete the course. At the halfway point, the blindfolded camper was met with an onslaught of competing voices, and had to find their partners voice through the noise or have their partner tell them who to trust. I was trying to help one of our HS girls at the halfway point, and broke down when she broke down. She was tore up by the distractions, but I got her through. That night after our activity we talked about the distracting voices in our lives, and the need to listen to God, and his people and to learn how to tell the difference between noise and truth.

As the week wore on, the Blue Green War heated up. Three years ago, the camp was divived into a blue team and an a green team with an ongoing competition throughout the week, culminating in a paint war on Friday. We have a trophy and everything. The kids loved it. The first two years the blue team won, but this year the green team won. I was the team captain for the Green team, our leader Sam, couldn’t be there this year. Somehow we emerged victorious! It was a great week.

Here are some pictures!

blue green war 1

interesting charactersthe ward brothersgroup pic


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