LTC Devo: Light, Life and Word

Sunday night we had a devotional with our teens here was my devotional talk:

· That’s the theme of LTC, this year

o John 1:1-5

· How is Jesus the Word?

o He is God’s word made flesh

o He is the fulfillment of OT promises

§ Of a God who cares and God who can

§ Of a God is present and faithful

o He is God’s final answer

§ For the problem of sin, and the empowerment for holy living now

· How is Jesus Life?

o Jn. 3, the promise of a brand new start;Jn. 14:6 – the way, the truth, and the life

o The universe was created through him (Col. 1; Jn. 1)

§ He is the creator, sustainer, holds everything together – Laminin illus.

o He is the victory over death

§ Jn. 11

§ Jn. 19

o How has Jesus given you life?

o What has he defeated in your life? (if time permits and no one did it last time for life groups do white sheets, with markers, describing a problem and a victory

· How is He Light?

o What does light do? (pushes away darkness)

o We don’t catch it in the NIV, look at 1:5 it reads, that the light shines in the darkness, but the light hasn’t understood it –

o A better translation here is that that the darkness has not overcome the light

o We are engaged in a battle:

§ Between the forces of darkness and the forces of light

§ While in the ancient world other cultures saw this battle going like this:

· Sometimes the darkness looked like it was winning, and then sometimes the light looked it was winning

· But because of God’s decisive victory at the cross, we understand the battle this way:

o Because Jesus has come and conquered death, hell and the grave, the darkness does not, nor can it win. It has been defeated fully, finally, and fatally in and through Jesus

· This is not just a cute LTC theme, this is our journey of faith (Light, Life and Word) or in other words, victory


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The random musings of a youth minister.
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