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Beatitudes: 1

We just launched into a new Sunday School study of the Beatitudes. I have enjoyed getting reacquainted with what are quite possibly the first words of Jesus to his disciples as a group. 1Now when he saw the crowds, he … Continue reading

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LTC Devo: Light, Life and Word

Sunday night we had a devotional with our teens here was my devotional talk: · That’s the theme of LTC, this year o John 1:1-5 · How is Jesus the Word? o He is God’s word made flesh o He … Continue reading

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LTC ’09: MS drama

Misunderstanding of the theme: Life-Light-Word Setting: In a Sunday School MS class room, studying the Gospel of John. The Youth Minister is desperately trying to convey what John is about, and the kids don’t get it, or do they? Brandon … Continue reading

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LTC ’09: Rogers, AR

Our congregation has a long history of involvement in LTC, Leadership Training for Christ. A program for students in grades 3rd-1th, to learn to use different gifts and abilities in the context of church leadership. Well, Easter weekend is our … Continue reading

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retooling youth ministry

Our congregation is moving towards doing small groups on Sunday night. I am excited about this change and the direction that we are moving in. I feel like this will be a positive thing for our people. Because of our … Continue reading

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Revelation 16: Armageddon

I knew little prior to this class about Armageddon. What I did hear always centered around Armageddon a place of the decisive end time battle, the place where evil would make its final last stand and good would ultimately triumph. … Continue reading

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Exodus imagery in Revelation 15-16

OT images and allusions in the book of Revelation are everywhere. I had noticed the Exodus motif before, but was blown away by the heavy reliance on this imagery. John uses the Exodus motif and makes it his own to … Continue reading

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Josh Graves posted a great qoute from The Jesus I Never Knew: “The might of the world, the most sophisticated religious system of its time allied with the most powerful political empire, arrays itself against a solitary figure, the only … Continue reading

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