from the mouth of babes…

Walmart. It is our home away from home, away from church. If we aren’t at home or at church, there is a good bet that we are at our Walmart. We try to make our treks to the stroe a family time. Well, last night my oldest daughter and resident theologian schooled me in the ways of God. We were in the produce aisle, and Rachel tells me that she can talk to God and that God talks to her. I proceed to ask her then what God is telling her. She places her hand up to ear, to hear better of course and then has a conversation with God.

So, I ask her, “why doesn’t God talk to me that way?” Rachel’s answer was, “because you don’t pray.”

I was floored. I am a minister, work with a great congregation, teach others, serve in the community. She doesn’t know it, but from all outward glances I am doing all the right things. But, inwardly I am hungry, desperate to hear God in my life, desperate to know what he has in store for me. But, my busy schedule has been my excuse to not spend time in prayer. I don’t think there is a right answer about how or when to pray. I do like Paul’s words in 1 Th. 5:17, to pray continually (NIV) or without ceasing (NASB). I am trying to become more aware of my on going conversation with God throughout the day. I don’t often hear God. Or let me state this differently, because I don’t make time to hear from God, I don’t.

Prayer is essential to this life of faith. I am so thankful for my precious theologian princess who reminds me so subtly of what really matters.


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The random musings of a youth minister.
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