Tulsa Workshop day 2 and 3

Well, Day 2 @ the workshop was great. God saw fit to make it like Minneapolis in Tulsa and provide a river to wade through in between buildings. Being the incredibly intelligent (or just lazy) person that I am, I stayed in the pavilion all morning. I got to sit at the  feet of Atchley, Mead, and Walling. Great stuff.

Atchley concluded his class titled, “born again identity.” It is important for believers to know who we are. We consistently behave according to the perceptions that we have of ourselves.  Instead of a better self image, what is needed is a God-self image. What God says of us is more important than what self-hope books or Oprah or Dr. Phil says.

Walling talked about LIFE, “Living intentionally for eternity.” Good stuff. He always has a great message. Walling’s second class was about “opening the lips of the silent believer.” The main idea was that love speaks. The workshop is devoted to encouraging the church to see evangelism as more than a door knocking campaign, but an everyday adventure of living out the ethics of the gospel.

Patrick Mead‘s class was good too. His vision of the kingdom and how to partner with God is so refreshing. We would do well to cross the streets and begin making relationships with our community. We can’t tell others about Jesus, if we don’t have a relationship with people first. I pray that I can begin to communicate to my teens at church that we must be outposts for the kingdom. My prayer is that we can continue to push the boundaries of God’s influence further and further into our neighborhoods.

I didn’t make it back to the evening key note last night.  I don’t want to sound critical, I though the line up for the evening wasn’t the typical home run that the evening sessions have been. This is just me. Maybe, my heart wasn’t in the right place.

Tulsa Day 3: Snow everywhere

I didn’t make it down to the fairgrounds today. Roads where I am, and down in Tulsa were snowy. I will be through then night, maybe tomorrow after lunch the temps will rise and we will be on our way to continue loving our community and showing our neighbors the love of Jesus.

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