Tulsa workshop day one

Today was a good day. It started early, actually it didn’t start any earlier than any other day except with a late night last night with some unhappy kiddos, 6am seemed awful early!

The first class was “born again identity,” with Rick Atchley. Wow! One of the key points from this morning was when he pointed out that God sees us as “saints.” And yet, we often times see ourselves as what will be and not how God already views us in Jesus. Our consistent perception of ourselves determines how we live. Are we living up to our potential? For many of us, we need to work on our perceptions, and have a God-self image, not just a good self image.

Next I went to John Dobbs‘ class on blogging as a ministry. It was a good class. I got to catch up with an old friend from Dayton, Ohio! I have been blogging since 2004, and well, I realize that there is greater potential here than I first realized.

I also went to the NCYM forum class. I wanted to check things out. Dudley was tackling the question of Westerhoff’s research, “will our children have faith?” The bottom line is that if we want our children to have faith we have to help facilitate faith in their parents.

Lunch time came, and I go to eat with my wife and daughters. We went to Mc Donald’s. There was a beggar/homeless man standing outside of the restaurant asking for help. I didn’t have any change. I was bothered by not being able to help him. Here I am at a conference about winning souls and evangelism and here was an opportunity to share the gospel through loving this poor man. I went back outside, and please don’t take this as tooting my own horn, but I bought the brother a big mac. It was the best I could do, I told him that because I loved Jesus I wanted to help him.  So, who knows what this man’s day ended like. But, I do pray that any hunger pains that he may have had were stilled and that he felt and saw God reaching out to him this afternoon through a short, stuttering, white guy with a slight southern drawl.

After lunch, Jen and I visited booths. I often have to practice great restraint from buying everything in sight. Argh! There are so many good things to choose from.

I took my oldest daughter to the “born again identity part 2.” I thought she would enjoy getting to spend some time with me, and hearing and seeing all the other brothers and sisters gathered to learn more about what God has to say about who we really are.

Then, my late night really began to catch up with me so I caught back up with the wife and we watched our girls play till dinner time. Chili’s is always good, and then the pm session. It was okay. I do certainly agree with brother Harris that family is the place where God calls, and that our families should be places where we are leaving a trail for our children to follow that reaches to Jesus.

And now, my bed has never looked so sweet. Good night Tulsa, see you in the morning.

About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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2 Responses to Tulsa workshop day one

  1. J D says:

    Thanks for coming to my class Jason! It’s great to see you again!

  2. Jason says:


    Your welcome. I really did enjoy it. I have been encouraged to blog more and see it as a ministry.

    Hope you get home safely!

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