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evangelism for normal people

I wanted to share some great thoughts from Patrick Mead on evangelism. But, before I do let me say…I am not into door knocking or tracking people down to beat them over the head with the Bible. If someone invites … Continue reading

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from the mouth of babes…

Walmart. It is our home away from home, away from church. If we aren’t at home or at church, there is a good bet that we are at our Walmart. We try to make our treks to the stroe a … Continue reading

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my academic progress

Well, hopefully after this term is over at LCU, I will have 30 hours left towards my M.Div. I am planning on taking an internship course in the Summer. Summer’s are crazy, but hopefully I can knock this class out. … Continue reading

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could you help?

I need some help sending cookies overseas, shoot me an e-mail and I will give you more information. Please in the subject line write, “cookies.” my e-mail: jason [dot] retherford AT gmail [dot] com Hopefully you can peace together what … Continue reading

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Tulsa Workshop day 2 and 3

Well, Day 2 @ the workshop was great. God saw fit to make it like Minneapolis in Tulsa and provide a river to wade through in between buildings. Being the incredibly intelligent (or just lazy) person that I am, I … Continue reading

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Tulsa workshop day one

Today was a good day. It started early, actually it didn’t start any earlier than any other day except with a late night last night with some unhappy kiddos, 6am seemed awful early! The first class was “born again identity,” … Continue reading

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Revelation 13-14

Revelation, is a highly imaginative book, full of symbolic language and Revelation 13 is one of the richest examples of John’s symbolic imagery. The images: · The dragon standing on the shore of the sea…who gave the beast his power … Continue reading

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Tulsa Workshop

In just over four hours, our family will head to Tulsa for the annual International Soul Winning Workshop. I have been blessed with the privilege of getting to attend for the last four years, with this being my fifth. I … Continue reading

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This morning, I got to my office and in my mail box was an envelope addressed to me. I opened it, and it was a letter of strong critique from my most recent sermon. Some of the key elements in … Continue reading

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parenting 101 from Eli the priest who sort of loved his sons…

Doing some re-reading of the 1 Samuel, before diving into 2 Samuel. At least one of the weeks of our camp this summer will be from there, and well, LTC and Bible Bowl for ’10 will be in 2 Samuel. … Continue reading

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