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Rev. 7-8: from seals to trumpets

I hardly view my opinion as that of an expert, but I believe from the reading that to be marked with God’s seal as it is mentioned in the text this week (Rev. 7) does a couple of things, indicates … Continue reading

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thoughts on the lion/lamb, woes, and violent/vindictive language — Rev. 5 and 6

John, knowing his audience’s acquaintance with apocalyptic literature, and their familiarity with the “lion” imagery and messianic expectation, drawing from the Hebrew Bible, and the Testament of Judah and 4 Ezra, transforms the image from a lion to a lamb. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Rev. 2-3, and 4

I believe that John chose to address his letters to these specific churches because he was familiar with these churches. He was their brother, and fellow companion in their shared sufferings (Rev. 1:9). He knew them and they knew him. … Continue reading

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Revelation 1:4-8

This is my manuscript for my preaching class this week in Lubbock, for sermon # 1. It has been a good week, and getting to share our work with this morning with our peers was fun. “What’s In A Name?” … Continue reading

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