post ncym reflections # 1

We left early today, and now hanging in out in New mexicoo wathinvg the national championship game. What a week! Lots of good speakers, and time well spent hanging out and visiting with friends in the trenches of youth ministry as well.

My wife couldn’t come this year, and it was a bummer not being able to have a few days away with her. But, I got to bring one of my college students who is thinking about entering youth ministry, so that was a blessing to be able to bring him along.

I got to sit at the feet of Tony Campolo, Mike Cope, Patrick Mead, and others. The most memorable thing that I will walk away with from the conference is a renewed perspective that the kingdom of God is bigger than we often have allowed it to be. We were relentlessly reminded that God loves the poor, downtrodden, and broken and that we are called to emulate our master. Patrick talked about the difference between Celtic Christianity and Roman Christianity. I will comment more later on this, but for now here is the main difference. Roman Christianity invites people to church who are already like us, whereas Celtic Christianity goes to where the sheep are. What a contrast in orthopraxy.

“Father of mercy, and grace, thank you for your love and goodness and for this crazy call to follow you wherever you lead. May we all learn to discern the difference between Celtic and Roman Christianity and may we see the beauty of pursuing the sheep. Helps us to love the Samaritans in our lives, and may we emulate you daily moment by moment.”


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