Oh, for the love of potty…

Last weekend we planned a blitzkreig of sorts on our middle daughter’s diapers. The strategy was simple, take diapers off, put big girl panties on, deal with a few messes and then “viola” no more diapers. We are still buying diapers. We are going to continue to try, but Kenzie pees like no other. It doesn’t bother her to flood her clothes or whatever she is sitting on. We are patient with her. We change her, encourage her, and then repeat the pee flood over and over. So, here is my desperate pee for help, I mean “plea,” how have you potty trained your children? With our oldest, it was easy. She wanted to wear big girl panties, she had a few accidents, we were out of the woods. Not because we made her go in the woods, in a figurative sense. But, each child is different. I have seen over and over again how unique each child is. Each of our girls has their own personality, temperment, and way of doing things. I love their differences, but boy I wish we could stop buying diapers.

On the other hand, Rachel our oldest and residen expert in just about everything, went to the Walmart girls restroom all by her self. I stood outside like guard dog, ears alert for the first signs of distress waiting to leap at the first nut job messing with my little princess. About the time my nerves were shot, out comes a smiliing and proud Kindergartner who went with out either one of her parents in the rest room at Walmart. It was weird and yet somehow a milestone. This is just another one of those “letting go” moments us dads have to deal with. What’s next? I don’t even want to know.


About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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