family, School, and Politics.

Today my wife began a new job as a temp. hire but with the possibility of future full time status. We have been praying for weeks that God would open a door of employment, and he has. We have had quite a good couple of weeks, we went and saw Fire Proof a couple of weeks ago, and since then, about 35 days ago or so we have noticed a dramatic improvement in our marriage. We purchased the Love Dare book, and are working our way through it. It has been for us such a blessing to be reminded about what marriage is all about, and be convicted of our own selfishness as well as God’s intentions for marriage and his rightful role as Lord in our house. We are trying to be a good example of Christ to our girls and to others. We have obstacles, but we are working them and letting God work in those areas as well.

Grad. school is progressing. After this semester I will have 48 grad. hours completed. I need 36 more hours for my M. Div. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. LCU has been really good to my family and I, and would recommend the Masters Program to any one interested in an affordable, and flexible grad. program.

Pray for my mother, she is undergoing some tests for her Thyroid. Her doctor and some blood work has indicated that she has Thyroid disease. I am not sure what is involved with this ailment, but we are praying that she can beat this, and get over it.

Finally, here are my post-election ramblings. Whatever your party affiliation is, Obama is our next president. His being the first African American to be president is historic. It is important and sends a powerful message to our world and to our nation, particularly to minorities. For my Republican and Democrat friends, the sun came up on Nov. 5, just like did yesterday and today. God is still on his throne. Nothing has changed. God is neither a Republican or Democrat, and work through the failings of flawed human beings not matter what their party affiliation is.


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