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Ramblings on John 13-14, and a little on the syncritical theory of the gospels

All through the Fourth Evangelist’s story of Jesus, we see a common motif of misunderstanding either on part of the disciples or others who encounter Jesus but fail to see, or hear on a higher plane. As the disciples, and … Continue reading

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10 years and counting

Today is a new day. Yesterday’s failures are history. I choose this day to dwell in the mercy and grace of our Loving and Good God. I am a sinner redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I struggle day in … Continue reading

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John 10-11

There is a unity between chapters 10 and 11 and three themes that Talbert mentions that are essential for our text this week and how as the themes are introduced in chapter 10, they are reframed in chapter 11. These … Continue reading

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Reading through John 7-9

As we have been working our way through the text, this week’s reading according to Talbert is the 6th of seven episodes where Jesus is portrayed as fulfilling/superseding some aspect of Jewish worship. Moloney sees this is the 2nd of … Continue reading

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The giver of life

This week again, I am again convicted of how poorly I have read the Gospel of John prior to this class. I am intrigued; maybe astounded is a better word for how I feel, by how the author frames Jesus … Continue reading

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John ramblings

Been reading a lot of the Gospel of John and have been absolutely enthralled. It is amazing how much I have missed. I am trying to be a more careful reader of Scripture. One of things that has stood out … Continue reading

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