sunday pm outline

“Don’t Forget Your Ruler”
2 Timothy 2:8; Luke 14:25-35

• It’s been a good summer
o Camp, Vacations, Trek, VBS, Summer Series, Nicaragua, Fiesta @
Fuqua Olympics

• Back to school means school supplies:
o The basics: folders, pens, pencils, glue, erasers, back packs
o Don’t forget your ruler
 You may have picked your schedule
 But our Ruler governs the universe
• He is in charge
• El Elyon – the possessor/creator of heaven and earth Gen 14:17-24; Ps. 121

• Back to school means a busier life
o Academic pursuits, Athletics, Extra-curricula things
o But most important is who you are becoming in Christ
 Romans 8:29 – conformed to the likeness of his son
 Col. 1:27 –…Christ in you the hope of glory

• Back to school means setting my priorities
o What will dictate my day? My calendar or my Christ?
 Matt. 6:33
 Mark 8:34-38
 Luke 14:25-35; cf. Matt. 10:37-39
• The JOY principle
o Jesus first
o Others second
o Yourself last

• Back to school means an opportunity for mission/an opportunity for doing good
o Subjects: two kinds
 Math, reading, science, physics, etc.
 Me and you
o We are a part of his kingdom
 A kingdom of opposites
• Love enemies Mat. 5:43-45
• Turning the other cheek Mat. 5:38-39
• Going the second mile
 A kingdom of do-gooders
• Eph. 2:10; Titus 2:11-14; 3:1,8,14
• James 1:26-27; 2:15-17
• Acts 2:42-47


About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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