Kindergartern and Day Care

Jen and I have entered a new phase of our lives. Our oldest is now in Kindergarten and younger two are in Day Care. It is different. Jen and I leave at the same time to get Rachel to Kindergarten, and to take the younger two to Day Care. I miss my girls.

One of the ways we begin our mornings, or at least before we get to school is to pray, we pray for our whole family, for their day. I hope it helps them feel like even though they are away from us all day, that there is someone stronger, and more loving who is with them, watching over them all day.

One of fruits of our feeble efforts it seems to instill faith in our children is that other day, Kenzie was scared at a part in Enchanted, when the witch turns into a dragon. Kenz, wanted me to turn the movie off. Rachel got upset, because Kenz was afraid and that she didn’t pray to Jesus. I have always told Rachel, and tried to tell Kenzie that the best thing to do when you are afraid is to pray.

Our girls are growing up, next year Kenzie and Rachel will be at the same school, Kenz will be in Pre-K, but still we will have two in school. We are working on the potty training thing with Kenzie-bug. But, it’s not working to well.

So, here is my question to my blog readers, those of you who have been there done that with children, how have potty trained them? I am open to suggestion.


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