field trips to family issues

I got invited to go to an Oklahoma Redhawks baseball game today with one of the local elementary schools. Rain and more rain was in our state forecast. Needless to say, there was no baseball played today. I was drenched, away from the office, and got to spend some time with a couple of my 6th graders. It wasn’t a wasted day.

I was reading today in 2 Samuel 13 and 14. Isn’t it a shame that there was so much dysfunction in David’s family. I am encouraged too, for to read so openly of the failures of one who was called “one after God’s own heart,” leaves room at the table of the King for the rest of us. I think of myself, and if we were honest with ourselves would and could all say, that we are more like Mephibosheth (2 Sam 9), crippled in some aspect of our relationship with God. But, God call us anyway to sit with him at his table. When others would look over us, and despise us because of our short comings, God seeks us out to show us his favor. God is good.

But, back to family dysfunction for a moment. Families are to be places where God’s light shines to the whole world. But, look at our families in our culture, and we see that they are stressed out, over-stretched, and being pulled apart by a flurry of activity, we are fraying if you will. We need more than ever a solid foundation in God’s Word grounded in a relationship with God and with one another. God families, by the way, aren’t perfect families. There will be moments when we have to deal with the Absalom’s and Amnon’s in our family. We all have skeletons in our family’s closet. What we do with those secrets is important. The best antidote for family failure and dysfunction is forgiveness, and groundedness in the love of Christ.


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