some goals for our youth and family ministry

tell me what you think:

    • Church’s mission statement:
      • Chisholm Trail Church of Christ is a New Testament church of Christ family committed to making fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.
    • Youth Ministry purpose statement:
      • Our aim is to meet students where they are developmentally, and walk beside them through the fog adolescence, providing a Christ centered community where students can experience life, ministry, and worship together and with caring and nurturing adults; explore and own their faith, ask questions, discover and use their spiritual giftedness and lead them to a life-long pursuit of Christ with their journey-mates. A necessary component of our ministry to adolescents is their families, so in addition to meeting the students where they are, we will build relationships with the whole family, and providing training, resources, and offering encouragement.
    • Synergistic Goals: Catching the energy between two or more places
      • We love God
        • We want to know Christ and make Him known (Eph 4:14-19)
        • We will teach and model the priority of the kingdom of God (Mat. 6:33)
        • We want to be a place that encourages the worship of God freely
      • We are family (Eph 5:1)
        • We are a family of families and as such we have the health of the whole family in mind
          • We recognize that family can have a structural as well as functional definition
          • We desire to live as family, as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, as children of God.
          • For some members, (adults and kids) we are the only family they will ever know
        • We want to equip parents to do their God given job as leaders and faith builders in the home, and provide resources and training to lead within the home
        • We recognize that families are over-busy, over-stressed and over-stretched we want to be a place of help and healing not a place that causes or creates guilt or extra stress on the family through a hyper-busy youth calendar
        • We want families to be lights within their neighborhoods for the Gospel, making Christ known through their lifestyle. As a church we want to encourage faith to be lived out 24/7 outside of the church building’s four walls
        • We want to encourage cross generational contact. Scripture tells us (Titus 2 that it is the job of the older to teach and mentor the younger).
      • Make fully devoted disciples
        • We will do this through effective teaching, offering relevant classes, preaching, encouraging the spiritual disciplines, encouraging attendance at worship and class times
        • We will offer service projects, mission trips, relationship building times
        • We encourage others to get into the game, we want you to play to your strengths, and serve where you are best suited. We want to help you discover and use your spiritual gifts for the benefit of the kingdom.
      • Love Others:
        • We want to train and equip others to see themselves as part of a greater story, the story of God’s work in the world and as such
        • We want to people who are known for their love for one another and love for the stranger. We are told in Hebrews to entertain strangers, for they may be angels (Heb. 13:2)

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The random musings of a youth minister.
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