Rev. Wright, racism and the church

As someone in ministry I am alarmed at the remarks of Jermiah Wright. I have listened to the sound bites, and a fuller pieces of his lessons. I watched him yesterday and the day before, on C-Span…

. He seems angry, proud and flamboyant, almost defiant. He kept referencing the “black church,” and attacks on him were attacks on the “black church.” I am not black, so I don’t know what it’s like to be an African American in this country.  I have seen racism though, I have watched ignorant people make dumb remarks about people of color, and I have watched good people do nothing about these statements. I am ashamed for all us whether white or black or whatever race we are, for not seeing each other as children of God, as precious and made in God’s image. I don’t consider myself a racist, but here is the problem with referencing the black church and the white church….it continues to create racial division. I believe the Bible is clear that in Christ there are no racial divisions, this is the mystery Paul talks about in Ephesians, how the cross made two races into one new humanity. Period. No Gentile church and Jewish church, just Christ’s church full of people of all ethnic stripes and languages. I know we have had a horrible history of racism in our country, but when someone who has the publics attention keeps using sectarian language, it doesn’t help to ease or end racial barriers. I understand my Bible in 2008 to say that there is not a black church and a white church, but there is one church. So, Rev. Wright if you want to help black and white Christians quit using divisive language and let the light of Christ shine from within you.

“God help us!”


About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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