He can and He cares!

As I was driving Rachel to school this morning in the fog, I couldn’t help but think about the wilderness generation making their way from Egypt to Canaan and how God moved with the people. If you remember, Scripture says that God would lead the people as a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day. Whatever this looked like, God was present with his people. Also, I was thinking about Jesus calling James, John and Peter up the mountain with him, and they were enveloped in a cloud. I know that we live at different times in history, and that we have the Spirit of God dwelling inside of us, and that we are God’s sacred space on the planet. I get all of that, but I just think it’s neat when we see or experience fog that envelopes us, for it reminds me of the continuity of the story that we find ourselves in. The story that started in Garden, and meanders its way through a flood, through the wilderness, through a temple, to a cross, and empty tomb and to lost people coming to know Jesus, and putting him in baptism. Aren’t you glad that you a part of the story? I know I am. I also learn from this story that we share with those who have gone before us, that God can and He cares. Next time you are in a rut, remember those two truths. God can and God cares.


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The random musings of a youth minister.
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One Response to He can and He cares!

  1. Tucker says:

    Great words. If we remember that God can, and he cares, and then let Him show us instead of trying to always do it ourselves, we might find we can’t get in a rut. I just get chills thinking of God as a vapor or mist, just consuming me.

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