Family, and a first birthday

My mom and dad flew in Tuesday to OKC. I took Miley and Kenzie to the airport with me to pick them up. Both girls did great on the way there and on the way home. What I have loved so far for my parents, is that Miley has really warmed up them. Back in December, and for ya’ll that know miss Miley she is clingy to her mommy or me. She spent most of the day yesterday with my folks, and she wanted to be with them. It was awesome.


About a year ago exactly from somewhere in the early part of April 3, 2007 I stood in the operating room for the third time and got to hold a brand new baby. My world has been better since the arrival of my three little girls. I don’t deserve the blessing or the amazing responsibility that comes with having children, let alone daughters! I am blessed and honored. Happy Birthday Miley Elizabeth. You may never read these words, blogging maybe long gone by the time you really start to navigate around the world wide web, but if for some strange reason you come across your daddy’s blog, I want you to know that your mommy and I prayed for you long before you were born and it has been so fun and amazing sharing our life with you. You have completed our family, and we are blessed that you are our daughter and the cutest little sister for Rachel and Kenzie. I know Kenzie gives you a lot of grief, she just loves you so much. My prayer for you and your sisters is that you will grow up seeing Jesus in your mother and I everyday, and that you will want to have a deep abiding, life changing relationship with Jesus too. We want God to big things in and through you, and are open to his leading for the three of you for God to send you wherever to do whatever he wants. I know sometimes, I work long hours and get irritable from time to time, I am flawed, but forgiven. I haven’t got everything figured out, and I certainly need God’s grace just as much or if not more than I did than when I first began as a follower of Jesus.  Happy Birthday Miley, I hope you have a good day today! Oh, by the way, I am looking forward to watching you wear your birthday cake!!


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