back from Tulsa

I am a bad blogger. I spent three awesome and encouraging days at the Tulsa International Soul Winning Workshop, and I didn’t blog at all. Anyway, I attended some inspiring classes by Rick Atchley, Wade Hodges, Buddy Bell, Rubel Shelly, and Wade Hodges. The evening key notes were great. I got to visit with John Dobbs, who took my family’s picture. Thanks John!


I think one of the frustrations though that I have from any conference I attend, is how you bring home what you’ve learned. Change happens so slowly. Sometimes I get frustrated at how slow things move. I have grown though, when I was younger, I would have forced change, now change is something I understand as a slow process, that good can still be done before during and after the “change” whatever it is.

I come back from Tulsa each year renewed, challenged and filled. I am looking forward to getting to be there next year


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The random musings of a youth minister.
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3 Responses to back from Tulsa

  1. Terry Rush says:


    We love it that you and thousands others make your way to Tulsa!

    Thank you! Thank you!

  2. J D says:

    Great to see you Jason. They used to have classes like “How to Keep The FIre Going Without Burning Down The House” … to deal with the slow-to-change thing!

  3. Heather Kinsey says:

    Hey, can you email me this picture? I really like it. You guys looks so cute. Rachel is getting so big and look at Miley sitting in the stroller by herself.
    Im glad you guys enjoyed yourselves at the workshop.

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