Winterfest recap: Arlington, Tx ’08

Intense. Moving. Real. These are the words I would use to describe Winterfest down in Arlington this year. Our kids had a great time and were challenged and many kids recommitted themselves to being a follower of Jesus. Three kids, that I know of have given themselves to Christ. Sunday night our youth group and church family rejoiced in the baptism of two new family members.

I want you to check this video out. It is intense and is a powerful depiction of real life and Christ’s amazing love:

I know it’s not about getting a kid to be emotional, but sometimes we forget just how real and how loving Christ is. I know I sat there and was awed by the story on the stage, and while the details are different, it is all of our stories. Wrecked lives in need of grace, and the truth of no matter how far we may go, he is right there fighting to get back to us.

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