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I dream for the day when there will be no needy persons among us…

I know my dream didn’t originated with me. I was reading again in Acts 2 and 4 of what I would call the DNA of the early church. Qualities and characteristics that flowed naturally out a believers life. Sure there … Continue reading

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“Lord, use me.”

If you’ve ever experienced disappointment it is easy to get tangled in the web of woe that follows. But, through this all my prayer is always “Lord, use me.” I have had times in my life when I have felt … Continue reading

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is there a cut-off point for to much help?

When I read Scripture it becomes quite clear that God cares deeply for the plight of the poor. One place that drives this point home is Deuteronomy 15:1-18. All through the OT God is concerned about justice. God cares deeply … Continue reading

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Winterfest recap: Arlington, Tx ’08

Intense. Moving. Real. These are the words I would use to describe Winterfest down in Arlington this year. Our kids had a great time and were challenged and many kids recommitted themselves to being a follower of Jesus. Three kids, … Continue reading

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Family ministry

As a youth minister the last 4.5 years it has become increasingly obvious to me that in order for the youth ministry to be successful, in order for the church to he healthy there must be a focus on the … Continue reading

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no good, terrible, very bad day

That could be the title for my Buckeyes aim at another national title, only to fall short. I give my Buckeyes props though. They made it to the title shot, had a good season, and won the Big Ten. Not … Continue reading

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NCYM:recap from the last day

It is tough to write about a place you hate to leave. Saturday night, the last night of the conference was a good night. The worship was moving, and the entertainment for the evening was excellent. I enjoyed the round … Continue reading

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NCYM: recap of Friday

Once again, there is just so much to write about. The exhibition booths and the folks who have manned these booths have been friendly and warm, and generous as they have given away a lot of cool free things to … Continue reading

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NCYM:recap day 2

I want to begin with a haunting question, well a phrase really that was made last night about our enjoyment and excitement about being in youth ministry. Buddy Bell talked about the passion of enjoying what we do. I used … Continue reading

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NCYM: travel and day one

We rolled out of Duncan, Ok at 6:30 am on Monday morning, go to Memphis, TN around 6:30 pm, and spent the night there. Actually we met my folks there, who had come to get our oldest two girls and … Continue reading

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