the countdown begins: 3 days until we leave for NCYM

Yesterday I wrote briefly about why we are going to NCYM. Two reasons, 1. to be recharged and 2., to hear from God. While we are there amongst our colleagues and friends in youth ministry we feel like family. If there is a word to describe just how NCYM compares to other major youth ministry conferences, I think it would be family. I love what Group is doing and offers, and was blown away by the NYWC that Youth Specialties put on in Austin, TX a year ago or so. Hands down, Youth Specialties is the big leagues. At NCYM, I am continually blown away by the community focus. We come as wounded brothers and sisters, and join others as family. We sing together, we laugh together, we shed tears together, we eat together, and we heal together. I look forward to NCYM because of the love and concern that is poured out on our behalf.

Reflections from NCYM last year: a cup of coffee with a friend

One of the highlights last year in Colorado Springs was sitting down with Dr. Fraze and catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee. I got to share what was on my heart over the course of a year of youth ministry and we talked about youth ministry and life, and frustrations. I took a youth ministry course with Fraze back on 2005, it was incredible. It was hands down the best course I’ve taken at LCU. Thanks brother.

But, for me it was more than a cup of coffee. It was about sharing what was on my heart with an older, trusted mentor and friend. I needed some guidance and direction, and a pair of ears to unload on. That’s what friends are for.

Embarrassing moments:

It must be in my blood, to embarrass myself. I did it a couple of years ago when I met Jeff Walling in an elevator, and last year I was rambling on about how cool it was to be on an elevator with Randy Harris, aka, the man in black. With my wife beside me, and not paying attention to who was behind me, I went and on and on about how cool Randy Harris was, and his class, and his teaching, about how I wanted to shake his hand, etc. I noticed my wife speed up, and I couldn’t figure out why she was walking fast, and once we turned a corner, she told me that my hero was behind us all the way down the hall way. I hope he didn’t think I was stalking him.

But seriously, another reason we go to NCYM, is to sit at the feet of Dr. Harris. It is well worth the trip.

Snowballs to the face:

I don’t know how Atlanta fares with snow but Colorado Springs was great. An impromptu snowball fight with my family landed me in deep trouble, when a time of play turned into snowball right in my wife’s kisser. I tried not to laugh, and I don’t know what was more troubling, the fact that I was the one responsible for the direct hit on my wife’s nose or that I laughed afterwards. I am forbidden to play with snow ever again.


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One Response to the countdown begins: 3 days until we leave for NCYM

  1. dude,
    there will be no snow in atlanta during your visit. so your marriage should be safe this year!

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