Bah, stomach bug!

I am home today, home sick. My wife and daugthers and my parents went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. I elected to stay at home. Last night I started feeling bad, and let’s just say that last night was a long night.

I am supposed to preach on Sunday morning, so I hope whatever has struck me will go elsewhere. I guess its my turn.  My wife has been ill, both of our older girls have been !

On a more positive note, my parents are here. We haven’t gotten to see them since August, so its been a good visit.


Last night in youth group, I took away all the seating. My students have been frustratingly frustrating lately. I thought of a way to get their attention, so I swiped their seating. They have to earn back the plastic chairs, and then if they are respectful, I will give them back the couches.


About Jason Retherford

The random musings of a youth minister.
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One Response to Bah, stomach bug!

  1. rustypants says:

    good going on the chair bit. i used to send them home when things got too ridiculous.

    in fact, it happened only once, but i sent the entire youth group home one night about 5 years ago maybe an hour into the evening.

    parents were outraged but it felt pretty darn good to me!

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