College Football

Well, after the November 17 win over Michigan my Buckeyes finished the season 11-1 as the Big-Ten Champions and we were supposed to be done. It was a good season, a stinging defeat to Illinois at home, and we feel from #1, and oh my since November 24 how things have turned out. Two weeks ago, we watched Arkansas upset LSU, and Missouri upset Kansas and the Buckeyes began to move up the BCS rank.  Eagerly the college football world was watching to see who would emerge as the new number 1 and 2 teams. Missouri jumped to number 1 and West Virgina to number 2, OSU number 3. Wait and watch to see how another crazy college football Saturday would turn out.

West Virgina was a four touchdown favorite over Pitt. What a stunning surprise the Mountainers got as the final seconds ticked off the clock and they were upset by an unranked opponent, and then Buckeye fans rooted and hooted for the Sooners to topple Mizzou. OU trounced Missouri, and Sunday, Dec. 1 BCS results had my Buckeyes back in number 1 with LSU number 2.

So, what an opportunity for a talented OSU team to redeem themselves on the national stage after last year’s national championship debacle.



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