College Football

What a crazy season! For Big Ten fans, our conference concluded play Saturday and for Buckeyes it was a good day. We came out on top of Michigan 14-3, with Beanie Wells being the star of the day! We clinched the Big Ten championship and a birth into the Rose Bowl but we have a long shot chance of the big dance. Here is the latest BCS standings from ESPN.


1. LSU 10-1

2. Kansas 11-0

3. West Virginia 9-1

4. Missouri 10-1

5. Ohio State 11-1

So, for Buckeyes to see New Orleans we need LSU to lose, Missouri to beat Kansas and then lose in the Big 12 Championship Game to whoever, and for West Virgina to lose too. I know it is a long shot, but hey, this season has proved anything could happen.


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3 Responses to College Football

  1. thedougout24 says:

    Go Bucks! We are going to back into the BCS Championship…I can feel it in my bones!! I don’t care how we get there…just that we win it when it happens. We need redemption from last year! I would love to get it against LSU. I would not be surprised at all, however, if Georgia upset LSU in the SEC championship.

    Saturday was a good day, though.

  2. jason says:

    Anything can happen! Saturday was a good day!

  3. benoverby says:

    I’d like to include your blog in the book, The Church of Christ is Blogging (edited by myself and John Dobbs). When you get a moment, can you provide a brief bio and answer the questions–Why do you blog? and How would your describe your blog? Also, could you send me an article from your blog from this year and a link to the article/essay? With your permission, I’ll print it in the book. Send submission to


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